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High Performance Heavy Plant Hire for Large or Small Construction Work, Harlow

At Rhinos, we try to provide everything our customers require in order to complete their large or small building projects in places like Harlow & Braintree, Essex. We deliver a range of sizes and specifications where possible from high end plant manufacturers like Thwaites, to address every need. Apart from being fun to drive, our dumpers will bring fast, hassle free results allowing swift clearance of rubble, debris and other materials. Due to a variety of size choices including a 1 Tonne Dumper with a width less than 1100mm, compact and very popular as it is able to squeeze into most tight spaces.

Heavy Plant Hire for Large or Small Construction Work, HarlowWith a 6,000kg payload, a 94 bhp Perkins engine, the Thwaites 6 Tonne Dumper also has a top speed of 17.2mph. This means this vehicle is perfect for use on larger sites, and as with all of our other dumpers, this model is a safe option due to its Roll Over Protection System [ROPS] frames. You will also find extra secure fittings with beacons and seat belts on this dumper which is one of most popular hire vehicles. Even bigger construction jobs are easily tackled using the 9 Tonne Straight Tip Dumper which has a maximum speed of 18.7mph.

Rollers For Hire In Harlow

Rollers are some of the most useful plant items you can have on a construction site. First of all, they come in a variety of formats: the Rhinos roller fleet includes both vibrating and non-vibrating varieties, for example, while you can choose from a range of height-to-ROPS frames, weights, widths and more.

Specific types of roller are available, too. Our trench compactors, for example, are great if you plan to use your item during periods of difficult weather in Harlow – as they can be used in all sorts of climate conditions. Or perhaps you need a pedestrian roller: these can be operated by members of staff, while they also come supplied with a road tow trailer.

A significant factor for us when selecting the rollers we add to our fleet, meanwhile, is brand quality. We are committed to providing our customers with only the best and most reliable brands in the industry, which is why we select rollers from major names such as BOMAG. So if you’re based in Harlow and would like to explore our many plant hire options including rollers, why not drop our helpful, expert team an email today on

Members of the Construction Plant Hire Association [CPA]

We have a powerful and efficient selection of heavy plant hire at Rhinos, and there is also a choice of 3, 6 and 9 tonne dumpers, with expert advice about your best option. Our dedicated customer friendly service will give you the confidence to embark on your project, and our hire rates wont break the bank!

We are proud of our reputation and are committed to supplying our customers whether trade or domestic, with high performing machines, tools and state of the art coded security locking systems. Our vehicles are fitted with the latest emissions technology for a green hire solution. We have a vast amount of experience and information to pass on to our customers, and are also members of the Construction Plant Hire Association [CPA], who provide additional expert guidance where needed.

Wallpaper Strippers & Handy Tools for Correct Preparation when Decorating

Our Building and Maintenance section has an effective variety of hire tools for completing jobs like stripping wallpaper fast, with no messing. As we all know when decorating, preparation is an important step which it is unwise to skip or perform sloppily, although this part of any job can be tedious, frustrating and tiring. But there is nothing worse nor more disappointing than an end result which is a little less than perfect due to inadequate prep. Wallpaper and other decorative surfaces must be completely removed before applying the next coating of new paper or paint. This is often easier said than done, and some methods prove to be very time consuming.

Our Wallpaper Stripper tool is ideal for this type of job and will deliver smooth clear walls in no time. Once heated up properly, typically 15-20 minutes, the stripper can be used to get rid of old wallpaper etc. A handy Perforating Tool is available where wall coverings are stubborn such as with vinyl wallpapers.

Construction Projects like Conversions & Extensions in Harlow, Essex

When planning to carry out work like conversions or extensions in your home or property in Harlow, you may need planning permission for certain projects. Building Regulations do not require permission requested for things like boarding over the existing ceiling joists and preparing your loft for light storage, as this is classed as non habitable use. However, this changes where the intention is to covert a roof space into a habitable room for instance, in which case a number of legal requirements will have to be met.

Building Regulation Consent can be gained by fulfilling certain criteria [full info can be acquired from your local council] where work involves exposing foundations and fitting, altering or replacing supporting structures like beams, lintels or floor joists. You will have to inform the relevant bodies if you want to do things like fit fixed stairs or ladders, to ensure this is done safely. As with any job it is unwise to cut corners, so if all the procedures are carried out a satisfactory outcome is usually assured.

High Performance Heavy Plant Hire for Large or Small Construction Work, Harlow, Members of the Construction Plant Hire Association [CPA]. Wallpaper Strippers & Handy Tools for Correct Preparation when Decorating, Construction Projects like Conversions & Extensions in Harlow, Essex.

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